Penn Valley Firewood (530) 237-HAUL (4285)

ATTN: Customers,

During each of the past two years we have sold over 500 cords of quality premo oak firewood.  This year we will only produce around two hundred cords.  We will have a limited supply of Premo Live Oak, White Oak and Pine, Split & Seasoned for delivery or pick up during the month of September, “odds and ends” too!  If you would like to get on the reservation list, please call and let us know how many cords of what kind of wood to reserve for you.  We will not have enough wood for our many hundreds of customers.  Call (530) 237-HAUL (8143) now to reserve enough wood to last you through the coming winter.


“Live Oak” has the highest BTU rating of any firewood species in the US, 25% HIGHER than “seasoned” Black Oak! (OUCH!)

LIVE OAK, 36.6mm BTU per Cord
Eucalyptus, 34.5mm BTU per Cord, 6% LESS than Live Oak
Almond, 32.9mm BTU per Cord, 10% LESS than Live Oak
Manzanita, 32.0mm BTU per Cord, 13% LESS than Live Oak
Madrone, 30.9mm BTU per Cord, 16% LESS than Live Oak
White Oak, 28.0mm BTU per Cord, 23% LESS than Live Oak
Tanoak, 27.5mm BTU per Cord, 25% LESS than Live Oak
BLACK OAK, 27.4mm BTU per Cord, 25% LESS than Live Oak (OUCH!!)
Black Walnut, 26.0mm BTU per Cord, 29% LESS than Live Oak
Ponderosa Pine , 21.7mm BTU per Cord, 41% LESS than Live Oak
Cedar, 20.1mm BTU per Cord, 45% LESS than Live Oak

* Data from the California Energy Commission (SEE official links at

Heating Value Example:

If you could buy a cord of “seasoned” Black Oak for $300, then a cord of Live Oak producing over 25% MORE BTU would be worth over $400.