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Welcome to Penn Valley Firewood! :)  We provide premium firewood at a great value.  Thank you for visiting.  We also want to thank each of our 1,000+ customers here in Penn Valley and surrounding us in Grass Valley, Nevada City, The Ridge, Auburn, Truckee, Tahoe, Reno and the Sierras… Thank you for your repeat business and continuous referrals!


* Prices Increase August 1st, then Monthly Thru Winter


Call 530-237-HAUL(4285) to stock up on Premo Campfire Firewood for only 5 Per Cubic Foot

NOW AVAILABLE: Premo Campfire Firewood!!

STOP paying $7.99-$9.99 for 0.9-1.2 cubic feet for crappy firewood that burns up in a flash from the gas station… Or scavenging for old dead, half rotted wood… Show up in style with Premo Campfire Firewood.  READY TO BURN, BABY, BURN…

Only $5 per cubic foot – Mixed As You Wish…

  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Cedar

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* WARNING: MANZANITA BURNS EXTREMELY HOT!!!  Must Sign Liability Waiver To Purchase Manzanita – ONLY Available as Campfire Firewood)

LIMITED SUPPLY: We have continuously sold out of our supply, and may be sold out for days at a time, as demand for firewood is beyond our ability to produce it.  Get it before it’s gone…

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BTU Ratings For ALL Firewood Species LISTED BELOW

Please Note: We always give you FULL CORDS (128 Cubic Feet), usually arm loads over…

All of our “Premium” Firewood is beautifully cut for 16 inch wood stoves.  Pieces range from 14″ to 17″ and cut clean.

Please be assured we do everything we can to provide the best product and service at a good price that adds up to the best VALUE to you. If you have questions, please call us any time at 530-237-HAUL.

LIVE OAKlive oak

BACK IN STOCK: Our Most Popular Premo LIVE OAK Firewood (Highest BTU in USA!) – Ready To Burn!

Our Most Popular LIVE OAK Firewood has the Highest BTU of ALL Tree Species in the USA.
According to the California Energy Commission, LIVE OAK has the highest BTU rating of ALL firewood (36.6 million BTU per cord), over 25% higher than Black Oak. Yes, even more than Madrone, Walnut or Almond which put out only 29-32 million BTU per cord. This means our Live Oak Firewood will heat your home more and longer than any other type of wood you could buy! Plus, it’s all professionally and beautifully cut, clean wood.
PLEASE NOTE: Most of the Live Oak available now is GREEN, but because it’s Live oak it is ALL Ready To Burn.  Live Oak burns green (unlike any other oak) because it is an oil-based tree (not water-based), and burns extremely well within just 1-2 months of being cut and split, out burning and putting out more heat energy than any other firewood available.
“Live Oak” is the FAVORITE FIREWOOD of the 24 “Rib Cookers” from all over the world competing in America’s biggest and best free rib festival, the “Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off” in Reno – YUM! : ) We offer PREMIUM Live Oak Firewood, “ready to burn”, clean and beautifully cut for 16 inch stoves and fireplaces (pieces range from 14″ to 17″), and it’s all split just right… not too big or too small, with good variety.
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Premo Live Oak – “PICK UP” PRICES:

(You Pick It Up At Our Easy Location – Details BELOW).
  • “Split” Firewood: $280 per cord / $260 per cord FB Special
  • “Rounds” (Not Split / You Split): $260 per cord / $240 per cord FB Special
>>> CALL NOW to Schedule a Pick Up: 530-237-HAUL (530-237-4285)


“Split” Firewood or “Rounds” (Not Split / You Split) Delivered To You:
  • Penn Valley $330 / $310 per cord FB Special *Within 20 min of Penn Valley (+$10 for each additional 15 min)
  • Truckee $430 / $410 per cord FB Special *Within 10 min of Truckee (+$10 for each additional 10 min)
  • Reno $450 / $410 per cord FB Special *Within 20 min of Downtown Reno (+$10 for each additional 15 min)
  • North Tahoe $440 / $410 per cord FB Special *Homewood, Incline Village and North
  • South Tahoe $450 / $410 per cord FB Special *South of Homewood or Incline Village
  • Sierras *Price depends on exact delivery location, call for free quote

>>> CALL NOW with Your Delivery Address and Quantity: 530-237-4285



PARTIAL CORDS & TRUCK LOADS AVAILABLE for PICK UP: Just load whatever you like, we’ll measure it and do the math. . . ONE FULL CORD = 128 CUBIC FEET. . . You only pay for whatever portion (%) of a cord you load. Simple as that!  + We will help you load :)
To Pick Up Firewood, We Meet At: Penn Valley Shell & Country Store
AKA: “Taco Shell” (Shell Gas Station & Taco Bell Drive-Thru)
16978 Penn Valley Drive, Penn Valley, CA 95946‎
Our Firewood is located on private property right across the street. . .
*Existing Customers can meet us at the gate to the property :)
>>> CALL NOW to Schedule a Pick Up


Firewood Species Million BTU Per Cord
Oak, Live 34.4 – 36.6
Eucalyptus 32.5 – 34.5
Locust, Black 29.5 – 31.4
Madrone 29.1 – 30.9
Beech 28.6 – 30.4
Dogwood 28.6 – 30.4
Oak, White (Blue Oak / Valley Oak)
26.4 – 28.0
Birch 25.9 – 27.5
Tanoak 25.9 – 27.5
Oak, Black 25.8 – 27.4
Laurel, California 24.6 – 26.1
Ash 24.5 – 26.0
Walnut, Black 24.5 – 26.0
Douglas-Fir 23.5 – 26.5
Juniper, Western 23.4 – 26.4
Chinquapin 23.2 – 24.7
Cherry 22.3 – 23.7
Elm 22.3 – 23.7
Magnolia 22.3 – 23.7
Sycamore 21.9 – 23.3
Hemlock, Western 21.6 – 24.4
Maple, Big Leaf 21.4 – 22.7
Cedar, Port Orford 20.7 – 23.4
Sweetgum (Liquidambar) 20.6 – 21.9
Pine, Lodgepole 19.7 – 22.3
Pine, Jeffery 19.3 – 21.7
Pine, Ponderosa 19.3 – 21.7
Spruce, Sitka 19.3 – 21.7
Fir, White 18.8 – 21.1
Alder, Red 18.4 – 19.5
Fir, Red 18.3 – 20.6
Cedar, Incense 17.8 – 20.1
Fir, Grand 17.8 – 20.1
Redwood, Coast 17.8 – 20.1
Willow, Black 17.5 – 18.6
Pine, Sugar 17.3 – 19.6
Aspen 17.0 – 18.0
Cottonwood 15.8 – 16.8
Western Red Cedar 15.4 – 17.4

Source, CA Energy Commission Website: