WARNING: “#Firewood Facts” You Must Know BEFORE You Buy!

LIVE OAK Firewood has the Highest BTU of ALL Tree Species in the United States.

Penn Valley Firewood LIVE OAK - READY TO BURN - Call 530-237-HAUL
(No Kidding, See Links Below)
According to the California Energy Commission, LIVE OAK has the highest BTU rating of ALL firewood (36.6 million BTU per cord), over 25% higher than Black Oak or White Oak. Yes, even more than Madrone, Walnut or Almond which put out only 29-32 million BTU per cord.
This means our firewood will heat your home longer and more efficiently than any other type of wood you could buy!
Plus, it’s all professionally and beautifully cut, clean wood.
* DON’T BE FOOLED by people selling White Oak, Black Oak, Almond or Madrone… NOTHING BURNS BETTER or HEATS YOUR HOME as well as LIVE OAK.


Penn Valley Firewood LIVE OAK - READY TO BURN - Call 530-237-HAUL

PLUS, “Live Oak” is the FAVORITE FIREWOOD of the 24 “Rib Cookers” from all over the world competing in America’s biggest and best free rib festival, the “Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off” in Reno – YUM! : )

We do NOT sell “seasoned” firewood.  We offer PREMIUM Green Live Oak Firewood that is READY TO BURN IMMEDIATELY, and will out-burn any other species of firewood available. Clean and beautifully cut for 16 inch stoves and fireplaces (pieces range from 14″ to 17″), and it’s all split just right… not too big or too small, with good variety. We always give you FULL CORDS, plus arm loads over.


A cord is the amount of wood that, when “ranked and well stowed”, takes up volume of 128 cubic feet. This corresponds to a well stacked woodpile 4 feet wide, 4 feet high, and 8 feet long; or any other arrangement of linear measurements that yields the same volume. (Wikipedia).

(530) 237-HAUL (4285)

Penn Valley Firewood LIVE OAK - READY TO BURN - Call 530-237-HAUL


Delivery available anywhere in Nevada County, Penn Valley, Lake Wildwood, Grass Valley, Nevada City, North San Juan, Lake of the Pines, Placer County, Auburn, Roseville, Colfax, Sacramento, Truckee, Tahoe, Sierras, Reno, Carson City…

“Split” Firewood or “Rounds”  – DELIVERED


  • $135 for 1/4 Cord

  • $160 for 1/3 Cord

  • $200 for 1/2 Cord

  • $340 for 1 Cord

  • $660 for 2 Cords

  • $990 for 3 Cords

  • $1,320 for 4 Cords

ADD $10 PER CORD FOR EACH ADDITIONAL 15 MINUTES to your delivery address*

*Delivery price is based on distance in minutes from Penn Valley (https://plus.google.com/107536083718534421431) to delivery address, as provided by Google Map.  Please call (530) 237-HAUL(4285) with delivery address for exact quote on delivery to your address :)

Truckee / Tahoe / Reno / Carson+

  • $450-500+ Per Cord, depending on exact location… Call For Price

SPECIAL: “Odds and Ends”… Funny shapes and sizes of LIVE OAK… Split and/or small enough to burn… “It all burns” $40 OFF PER CORD!!! (Very Limited Supply)  DELIVERY AVAILABLE :)


Please be assured we do everything we can to provide the best product and service at the best price. These prices are a value to you and the very best we can do.  Live Oak weighs OVER 3 TONS PER CORD.  It takes a lot of physical labor, time and fuel to deliver it to you.  Please keep in mind demand for firewood is extremely high this season and supplies are extremely limited.  We sell ALL of our wood as fast as it can be processed and delivered, and we work HARD every day to make it happen.

>>> CALL NOW with Your Delivery Address and Quantity to Reserve Your Firewood:

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Penn Valley Firewood LIVE OAK - READY TO BURN - Call 530-237-HAULThee (3) Full Cords of Premo Live Oak (pictured above)


If you’re buying Seasoned Black Oak or White Oak (both of which MUST be fully “seasoned” to burn), then you should pay 25% LESS than these prices above for an “equal value” (because Black/White Oak produce 25% LESS BTU). Otherwise, you’re paying too much! Don’t be fooled… We have Black Oak and White Oak too, but Live Oak is simply a superior and more valuable firewood… Harder work for the wood cutter, but well worth it… You don’t have to get up to stoke the fire as often and there’s still HOT COALS in the morning instead of cold ashes! If a cord of Black Oak lasts you 3 months, then expect a cord of Live Oak to last 4 months!!!!

(530) 237-HAUL (4285)


BEFORE YOU PAY hundreds of dollars per cord for any firewood, CONSIDER THIS… Live Oak has the highest BTU rating of any firewood species in the US — 25% HIGHER than “seasoned” black oak! (OUCH!)

  1. LIVE OAK, 36.6mm BTU per Cord
  2. Eucalyptus, 34.5mm BTU per Cord, 6% LESS than Live Oak
  3. Almond, 32.9mm BTU per Cord, 10% LESS than Live Oak
  4. Manzanita, 32.0mm BTU per Cord, 13% LESS than Live Oak
  5. Madrone, 30.9mm BTU per Cord, 16% LESS than Live Oak
  6. White Oak, 28.0mm BTU per Cord, 23% LESS than Live Oak
  7. Tanoak, 27.5mm BTU per Cord, 25% LESS than Live Oak
  8. BLACK OAK, 27.4mm BTU per Cord, 25% LESS than Live Oak (OUCH!!)
  9. Black Walnut, 26.0mm BTU per Cord, 29% LESS than Live Oak
  10. Ponderosa Pine , 21.7mm BTU per Cord, 41% LESS than Live Oak
  11. Cedar, 20.1mm BTU per Cord, 45% LESS than Live Oak

* Data from the California Energy Commission (link provided above)

Heating Value Example: If you could buy a cord of “seasoned” Black Oak for $300, then a cord of Live Oak producing over 25% MORE BTU would be worth over $400.


Black Oak, White Oak, Almond, Walnut, Madrone are ALL water-based, deciduous trees that lose all of their leaves in the fall and MUST be seasoned and dried for at least 1-2 years before they will burn at all.


Live Oak is an oil-based, evergreen tree that replenishing its leaves throughout the year, most heavily in the spring. It’s a “pioneering species” and out-competes other trees, and even out-weighs all other oaks at nearly 3 1/2 tons per cord. Live Oak has a low water content and high oil content, which allows it to burn immediately the day it is cut down and split. 1 week in the sun or freezing cold after being split and Live Oak begins lighting easily and burning well, yes, GREEN.  In just a few weeks Live Oak burn better, longer and heat your home SIGNIFICANTLY MORE than any other oak or hardwood you could buy anywhere in America, no matter how “seasoned”.

“If 1 cord of ‘seasoned’ Black Oak will last you 3 months, then 1 cord of Live Oak will last you 4 months; it’s simple math.”

(530) 237-HAUL (4285)

Live Oak is the best value dollar-for-dollar for your energy/heating costs, and you’ll also be able to kick back longer drinking beer or hot cocoa between stoking the fire :)

See for yourself….

live oak“I’ve been in the firewood business for over a year because it’s critical for me to afford the forestry management, fire fuel reduction and converting of overgrown, unusable brush-covered land to agricultural uses in the process of saving a large part of my family ranch. It’s a hard job that must be done. Being in the business, I work with “wood cutters” of all kinds, as well as wholesalers and nearly everyone selling firewood within 125 miles of Penn Valley”. 


“If you ask any wood cutter, Live Oak is a pain in the @$$ to cut. It’s one of the most difficult trees to cut and process into firewood (A LOT OF WORK! SUPER BRUSHY! Small, twisted, extremely heavy). It’s much harder to make firewood from Live Oak than the LARGE old growth Black and White Oak, Madrone, etc in the area…”

“Wood cutters would MUCH rather cut those large trees because it’s easier on their bodies and minds and faster money for their pocket. Live Oak is MUCH MORE WORK, period. So wood cutters selling wood would much rather have customers like you buying their “seasoned” whatever wood that’s easier for them to make. Simple economics.”

“Wholesalers know ‘bone-dry, seasoned wood’ will burn faster and have the customer running out of wood and calling back to spend more money MUCH sooner… so they can sell more cords. More simple economics.”

“BUT… For you as a consumer, the fact remains: Live Oak burns green, burns better and is worth more per cubic foot than other wood, including any “seasoned” wood, for heating your home.”

“All the wood I sell is cut for the betterment of the heath of the land and forest it comes from. We leave the nicer, bigger trees. We cut NO Black Oaks and only cut White Oaks to improve the health of the oak groves they come from. When you insist on buying the propaganda of the firewood sellers about “seasoned” firewood, then you are also supporting, most often, the cutting of large (easy-money) trees that will be gone forever. I do not support the greedy cutting of trees for firewood. Anyone who would like to see for yourself can contact me to see the land where the firewood I sell comes from and take home a free sample to try out. Best wishes & stay warm!!”

– Jesse Niesen, Penn Valley Firewood

(530) 237-HAUL (4285)

Making Oak Groves Healthier


For anyone who doubts what is shared here at PennValleyFirewood.com, we offer a FREE SAMPLE of our Premo Split Live Oak…

Come pick up 2-3 arm loads of split firewood (worth $20-$30 in stores) and burn it for a night or two to SEE FOR YOURSELF.

(530) 237-HAUL (4285)

Since August 2012 we’ve sold well over 900 cords of firewood here locally and only had 2 customer unhappy with the wood; both were promptly refunded their money. (We can’t please everyone:)  Our other 1,000+ customers are happy and continue returning to buy more and telling their friends and family about us.

Thank you to all our customers past, present and future! It’s very satisfying to produce and provide such a valuable product, giving people an honest, square deal doing good ol’ fashioned hard work.

live oak(530) 237-HAUL (4285)


The disadvantage to buying rounds (un-split firewood) is that you must split the firewood. However, if you have economical means to splitting the wood, then rounds might make more sense for you… Because 1 cord of rounds will “fluff up” into more than 1 cord of split wood. The bigger the rounds, the more volume increase when split. Think about it… A large “round” of firewood will never be that dense again. Split it into small burnable pieces and you will NEVER get it back into such a small small again. With the rounds we sell, we usually see 15-50% gain in volume, depending on the size of the rounds. We see an average of about a 25% increase. So, on average, one cord of rounds will fluff up and stack into 1 1/4 cords of split firewood. If you have a place for the split wood to catch sunshine or freezing cold and good ventilation / air flow, then within 1-2 weeks of splitting Live Oak rounds you will have some of the finest firewood you can get, ready to burn burn burn…


Just like taking a shower when it’s cold, when the mirror is cold it fogs up fast, but if its warm then it doesn’t fog up nearly as fast. All wood will create soot, but the biggest factor to how much and how fast it builds up is how hot the flume is. If you have a cold flume from a mediocre fire then you will have lots of soot to clean fast. However, if you start a fire with good kindling and starter wood (pine cones, cedar kindling is the best, Pine is good), then ad smaller hardwood and tune the air in and out until you have a raging HOT FIRE to heat the flume and clean out your chimney before it ever gets unsafe or needs cleaning. You’ll still need to clean your chimney for time to time, but get the flume hot and keep it hot to solve that problem. Green Live Oak burns so hot when properly burned any soot issues are tiny compared to the heating value of the wood. Live Oak remains the most efficient use of your dollar, green as can be or bone-dry super seasoned – biggest difference is how long the heat lasts. Ask about a free sample and see for yourself if you have any doubt.


NO frustrating flaking, continuous rescheduling or time wasting no shows from us like we hear about from so many customers when dealing with other firewood sellers. We respect your time, do what we say and always give a fair and square deal. Try us, you’ll like us!

(530) 237-HAUL (4285)

PennValleyFirewood.com Niesen Ranch PennValleyFirewood.com Niesen Ranch


Yep, we’re just about as “local” as it gets in these parts… You see, this firewood comes from my family ranch which was bought by my great-great grandfather with gold he mined out of the Sierras in 1852… We’ve been here cutting and burning Live Oak for 160+ years!! Come out and see this beautiful property for yourself and own / burn pieces of history, you’ll discover what the old timers always knew about Live Oak : )

>>> CALL NOW to reserve your order:

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PennValleyFirewood.com Niesen Ranch Sunset

Prices valid ONLY THRU FEBRUARY 2014. Don’t wait for March price increases, save money by ordering now!

* Prices generally increase $10+ per cord EACH MONTH from the end of summer through the end of winter because suppliers simply run out of wood that’s ready to burn.   Our wood is ready to burn now, but prices will go up each month… So stock up now and and save!

Penn Valley Firewood LIVE OAK - READY TO BURN - Call 530-237-HAUL


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